Fish Species

A wide range of fish species can be found across the Central Tablelands.

The eastern streams closer to the coast hold Australian bass, estuary perch, mullet, Macquarie perch, long finned eel and short finned eel, carp and translocated silver perch.

In the higher altitude streams on both sides of the divide you’ll find brown and rainbow trout. Following  heavy rain, trout are sometimes washed out of Warragamba Dam into the low altitude waters of the Nepean River.

The Murray Darling catchment to the west is home to Murray Cod,  Golden Perch, Silver Perch, Macquarie Perch, River Blackfish, Trout Cod, Carp and Redfin Perch.

Most families of fish have a number of different species which can make identification difficult. It is important to know exactly what fish you catch as different regulations may apply to different species. We have outlined the defining characteristics on our site. Further reference material is also available in the NSW Freshwater Fishing Guide published by the DPI.

The guide also lists pest species.  Pest species can invade marine or freshwater environments and can threaten native fish and their habitats. It is important that we keep an eye out for possible pests and diseases and their potential sources in order to prevent their spread into our aquatic environment.

Freshwater fish considered pests in NSW include Carp, Redfin, Banded Grunter, Eastern Gambusia, Oriental Weatherloach and Goldfish. A major potential freshwater pest fish to be on the lookout for in NSW is Tilapia. Do not transfer fish between waterways and do not use live fish as bait in freshwater or live or dead Redfin Perch as bait in freshwater – it is illegal.

For general fishing information call 1300 550 474 or check the website

Please report illegal or suspected fishing activities to the Fishers Watch Phoneline on 1800 043 536 (free call).

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