Australian Bass

Natural Range: Eastern coastal streams. Breading occurs in lower brackish/tidal waters close to river mouths over winter and early spring. Once hatched juvenile Bass feed up for a number of months (possibly years) before head upstream. The generally move into to freshwater streams often travelling over one hundreds kilometres upstream to low mountain streams. In the Central Tablelands area Australian Bass are commonly found in the Hawksbury-Nepean River, Colo River, Warragamba River, Erskin Creek and Grose River. At times bass can be found in schools and small groups particularly in the lead up to breading season.
Identification Issues: Often confused with Estuary Perch and Macquarie Perch.
Closed Season (in all rivers and estuaries): 1st June to 31st August.
Stocking: Bass have been stocked to a number of man made water storages across the Central Tablelands including Lake Lyell, Lake Wallace, Penrith Lakes, Glenmore Park Loch and Glenbrook Lagoon (no fishing or boating at Glenbrook Lagoon due to health risk).  When stocked in dams bass tend to live in schools.
Bag & Size Limit: Australian Bass and Estuary Perch combined limit.
Only 1 over 35 cm. 2 fish in total.
Possession Limit: Australian Bass and Estuary Perch combined limit.
Total of 4 in possession (only 1 over 35cm).
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