Carcoar Dam

This is a very pretty dam located just of the Mid Western Highway near Blayney. The dam is filled by the Belubula River which is a good fishery in its own right. The dam supplies water for irrigation.

The most common catch is the pesky redfin perch which are found in the dam in very large numbers. The best way to catch redfin is by jigging or trolling/casting with blades, spinnerbaits and lipless crankbaits around drop offs. Redfin are good eating and if caught should not be returned to the water as they are a major pest in the local waterways.

There are also Rainbow Trout , Golden Perch, Murray Cod and Silver Perch. Trolling along the old creek line with a downrigger close to the bottom works very well for native fish. Target trout by casting or trolling yellow or pink winged tassie devils or use powerbait on a light leader from the bank.

Boating and camping at the dam are permitted.

Water Depth: 41m

Capacity: 36,200Ml

Regulations: General Trout Dam. Trout size limit 25cm,10 trout bag limit.  two attended rods with max two hooks each. Usual size limits for native fish.

Redfin are a listed pest species. Do not throw them back in the water.

The video below is from Peter Allan’s YouTube page. He shows how easy it can be to catch redfin by jigging. You should keep all redfin. They are a pest species and lovely eating fish.