Wyangala Dam

Wyangala Dam is a very large water storage located at the junction of the Lachlan and Abercrombie River near Cowra in the South West of the Central Tablelands.

In 2009 it was quite low holding less than 10% of its normal capacity due to an extended period of drought. Yet with just a few weeks rain in 2010 the levels came up rapidly and it’s now a good level.

The dam was constructed in 1935 and enlarged in 1971 to provide extra water for irrigation. Its capacity when full is a staggering 1,220,000 Million Litres with a maximum water depth of 70 metres.

There are two state parks on the banks of the lake (Wyangala & Grabine). These parks have a small entry fee and offer facilities including boat ramps, kiosks, fuel, toilets, BBQ’s, accommodation, boat hire and more.

Fish Present – Murray Cod, Golden Perch, Silver Perch, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Macquarie Perch, Carp, Catfish and Redfin Perch.

Tips – Golden and Silver Perch are taken regularly with bait and lures, while Murray Cod are caught more regularly in the spring and summer. Catfish are normally taken from the bank with bait while, trout are usually taken near the river arms around spawning season. Trout are commonly taken in the smaller streams of the area.

Carp are probably the most abundant fish in the water way and can be caught using bait such as worms and small yabbies (which are also take by natives and trout) or cheese and corn (which may catch you the odd trout or catfish).

Redfin are mostly taken on lures, bait and are particularly fun to jig up when you find a school on the sounder.





Here is a video by Rob Stokes about fishing Wyangala Dam