Thompsons Creek Dam

Located near Wallerawang, Thompson Creek Dam is a great place to fish. There is a 25 minute up hill walk to the Dam from the car park which tends to keep unwanted types away from the area, which means you can usually fish in peace. There are plenty of big trout many of trophy size.

The dam is classified as Fly & Lure Only Waters and access is restricted.

No boating or bait fishing is permitted on the dam at any time. No swimming or wading. Access is only permitted from the Dam Wall entrance (no access through private land or state forest). No fishing from the dam wall. Fishing is not permitted from 3 hours after sunset to 1hour before sunrise each night.

Fishing Regulations

One rod per person. Only artificial fly and lures may be used (no bait). Maximum 3 hooks per line. One line only. Bag limit of two fish applies. See for full details about access and regulations.

Description: A moderate size water storage that offers fantastic trout fishing. The dam is often described as a trophy trout dam which means big fish. It is a great place to take your rod and polarised glasses for a day on the clay covered banks. This dam offers some of the best  trout fishing in NSW.

Location: Approximately 20 minutes drive from Lithgow, plus there is a 25 minute walk to the dam wall from the car park. To get to the dam drive to Wallerawang, take the Portland Road at the western end town. Turn left at the cemetery and follow the road to the locked gate at the end. Park your car then follow the dirt access road on foot to the top of the dam wall.

History & Purpose: Built in 1992 on a small creek line to store water for power generation at Mt Piper Power Station. Water is pumped to the lake from Lake Lyell as the catchment of Thompson Creek is very small. This lake has only been open to fishing for about a decade. River System: Thompson Creek part of the upper Cox’s River catchment.

Fish Species: Brown and Rainbow Trout Stocking History: 20,000 to 30,000 fish in an average season Capacity: 27500Ml Surface Area: 163ha Max Water Depth: 43m Shore

Access: You can access the banks in all areas of the lake, however fishing from the dam wall is prohibited. Boat Access: Boating is not permitted.

Restrictions: No Boating, No Vehicle Access, No Bait Fishing, Walking/climbing the face of the dam wall is prohibited due to the risk associated with loose rocks. Access is not permitted over night. You may fish from one hour before sunrise until one hour after sunset. Regulations are those for fly and lure only waters.

Water Quality: Generally good, but with algal blooms from time to time in the warmer months.

Popular Fishing Methods

Fly: Excellent fly fishing for trophie trout particularly rainbow trout, although browns are also stocked in good numbers. This lake offers great dry fly fishing when the weather is not to hot. White Moths work very well on dusk, while beetle, ant and grass hopper patterns work better during the day. Wet flies and sinking line are a must have at Thompson Creek Dam in the summer months so you can get your flies down deep around the quarried areas where the water is deep. Although midges and ant hatches can attract fish to the surface on the odd hot summer day. Best wet flies are dark coloured Woolly Buggers, and Fuzzy Wuzzy’s, as well as Zulu’s.

Spinning: Tassie Devil’s are by far the most popular and successful lure used at Thompson creek dam. Gold and pinks are the best colours with a slow retrieve. Shallow diving minnows in trout patterns work well in winter, while large Celter’s are better in the warmer months. To hook a large brown try a very large trout minnow.

Bait: No bait fishing permitted.

Boat: Boating is not permitted

Best Fishing Locations: At the base of the dam wall at the western side, the deeper quarried areas and weed beds on the eastern shore line. Most areas of the lake fish very well, so just walk the edges until you find where the fish are holding. Summer beetle hatches offer great dry fly fishing. Winter offers excellent sight fishing in close.

Camping: No Camping or Toilet facilities are available. Camping is not permitted.