Kowmung River

The Kowmung is a wild and largely remote mountains stream which starts at the junction of The Hollanders and Tuglow River’s South of Oberon. The river carves a winding path through the Kanangra Boyd and Blue Mountains National Parks dropping from 900m above sea level to below 200m where it meets Cox’s River, in the restricted area around Lake Burragorang.

The wild trout of the Kowmung are regarded as the healthiest fish in the region. In winter the spawning run from Lake Burragorang is legendary, yet very few fishermen have ever experienced it due to the remote and difficult terrain found along much of the lower reaches of the river, and the freezing conditions in winter when the trout are spawning. Not to mention that fish my not travel up river in years of drought which have been common in recent times.


By far the best way to catch fish in the Kowmung is with celters and small minnow lures.If you’re fly fishing the best methods in summer are generally streamers with a slow jerky retrieve and dry flies such as ant patterns (during the day) or small moth patterns like the white moth and white wulf. When fishing winter spawning conditions bright pink and orange streamers, glow bugs and nymphs have their place. Bright lures also work better at this time of year.

Fish Species

Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout are most common. Carp and some species of native perch are also a possible catch.

Public Access Points

The lowest section of river is off limits to fishermen as it is within the Warragamba Special Area and no public access is permitted. Other access points can be difficult to reach due to the rugged bush, steep gorges and remoteness of the rivers path.

Kowmung Gorge – Kowmung Gorge can be accessed but only experienced bush walkers who have strong navigation skills should attempt to access this stretch of river. The gorge is located in the Blue Mountains National Park from Kowmung Lookout – It is a long walk down fire trail on Scott’s Main Range (Old Cedar Road). As you walk the track turn left at the fork near Sugarloaf Hill. Then walk off the track to the west just before the Schedule 1 catchment area starts (do not enter Schedule 1 land).

Walking is the only option to access the area as there is a locked gate near Yerranderie – bikes are not permitted in the area.

Gingra Trail/Kowmung Junction

For experienced bush walkers only! From the Old Cedar Road you can turn left at Bran Jan Hill and follow the trail for 1km to a gate from here it is about 2.5km to the Kowmung where the Gingra Trail meets it from the northern side of the river. This trail only follows the river for about 800m. It is possible to get to the Kowmung by walking along the Gingra Trail from Kanangra Walls. It is a 20km walk from The Walls to the Kowmung. A great walk even if you are not fishing!

Roots Ridge Trail and Denis Ridge Trail

For experienced bush walkers only! From Scotts Main Range turn off the road at Mount Feld onto Denis Ridge Trail (in a north west direction). The ridge goes down a spur to the Kowmung River but the trail itself becomes patchy toward the lower end of the spur. You can also follow the Roots trail which starts about 1.5kms along Denis Ridge from the junction with Scotts Main Range. It is a 1.5 km walk along Roots trail to the Kowmung.

Bulga Ridge Track

For experienced bush walkers only! Located about 3km north of the butchers creek crossing on the Scotts Main Range Road. This track is not heavily used. It is 3.5km walk in a westerly direction from the road to the river.

Uni Rover Trail

The Kowmung River is a 20km walk along the Uni Rover Trail from the Kanangra Fire Trail (this is the road/fire trail that leads to Kanangra Walls). It’s a shorter walk from Batch Camp but still very callenging.

Black Snake Bend – Via Spring Ridge Firetrail

Morong Falls – From Kanangra Walls Road take the Boyd River Fire Trail and follow down to the Kowmung or take Morong Creek Fire Trial to the river. Gates may be locked at Kanangra Walls Road.

Kowmung River Fire Trail

To access the area from the North take Kanangra Walls Road then turn onto Kowmung River Fire Trail (Gate may be locked but nromally open). You should reach the river approximately 10km down this trail.

From the south take Banshea Road and then follow Boucher Creek Fire Trail until it reaches Kowmung River Fire Trail. Follow this trail north until you reach the river. Approximate distance of fire trail to be covered is 6km from Banshea road to the river. Dingo Dell Camping area is a nice campsite close to the river.

Tuglow River – Access is via Gurnang State Forest

Hollanders River – Access via Hughes Spur using Ben Lomond Fire Trail. Turn off Kanangra Walls Road onto Mount Emperor Fire Trail (Gate may be locked) this becomes Ben Lomond Fire Trail. Follow this track down Hughes Spur to the Hollanders River.

Regulations: “General Trout Stream” regulations apply above and including the junction with Morong Creek.

Fishing Open Season – Saturday morning October long weekend to Monday night June long weekend.