Tuglow River

Tuglow River is a small river that forms the Kowmung River where it meets the Hollanders River at the fringe of the Kanangra Boyd National Park. Tuglow River starts its flow near the Gurnang State Forest, it then moves through farm land before reaching the Hollanders near Tuglow Caves.

Tuglow River holds good numbers of both rainbow and brown trout. Fly fishing and spinning are the most popular fishing methods. Public access is restricted to the state forest in the upper reaches of the river (mostly smaller fish are found here) and to the area near Tuglow Caves at the lower end of the river.

It is possible to drive a 4×4 vehicle to within a few kilometers of the river through Kanangra Boyd National Park (depending on good road conditions). A tough little off track bush walk is still needed to get to the river from the closest fire trail access point. You need to be well prepared and have good navigation skills if you are to attempt any bush walking in this area. There is a large waterfall near the junction Kowmung/Hollanders junction which makes moving upstream extremely challenging.

Better access is available in the upper reaches of the river within Gurnang State Forest While the stream is narrow in this area it can still hold some lovely trout, mostly small but very energetic.