Duckmaloi River

The Duckmaloi River is a small river which feeds into the Fish River down stream of Oberon. It is known for large brown trout which are found from its head waters to the lower reaches at the locality of Duckmaloi.

Fishing tactics used on the Duckmaloi are generally the same as those used on the other high streams near Oberon. It is a great fly fishing stream which flows largely through private property, however there are a few stretches of river that are open to the public.

The best public access is via the crown reserve near Duckmaloi Farm. Simply turn off the Oberon Road at Duckmaloi Farm (Karawina Rd) and follow it to the 4×4 track that goes to the old road bridge.

You can also get access (if you don’t mind a steep off track walk) at the back of Jenolan State Forest.

It is also possible to access Bindo Creek at Hampton State Forest. It flows into the Duckmaloi not far down stream. Be careful not to entre private land without permission.