The Blue Mountains and Central Tablelands experience very cold conditions during winter and hot conditions during summer. However there are times when summer temperatures can fall to freezing.

Rainfall is typically greater in summer than in winter. Eastern areas tend to get twice as much rain in summer as they do in winter, while catchments further west have a slightly more even spread of rainfall throughout the year. Oberon is an exception as it often gets good winter rain/snow and regularly scores higher precipitation in winter than in summer.

Water temperatures in higher impoundments and mountains streams are generally cool all year round, which makes them suitable for trout. The streams at lower altitudes and far west are hotter and hold more native fish and carp.

Generally spring and late autumn offer the most comfortable fishing conditions.

Having a good understanding of the weather outlook is vital when planning a fishing trip. Getting a detailed forecast and learning to read a synoptic chart will help you be prepared for any changes to the weather.

A good understanding of the expected weather conditions will also help you pick the most likely bite times. It is believed by many experienced fishermen that fish (trout in particular) feed more aggressively when the air pressure starts rising. Look for a high moving across from South Australia and you should find the pressure will begin to rise on the tablelands. If you learn to read synoptic charts and to use a barometer to read conditions you will enjoy fishing more and improve your chances of a large haul of fish.

The BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) has a large corner of its website dedicated to understanding weather and weather forecasts. Follow the link below to learn more.

For the latest Blue Mountains & Central Tableland weather information follow the links below.

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You can also get up to the minute weather information from the following websites.


Katoomba (Scenic World Webcam)